CLC Mission Statement 2017

OBJECTIVES.                                                                                                                          The Ceredigion Lifeboat Campaign was initiated in June 2017 to bring into public scrutiny the undisclosed data and processes by which the RNLI arrived at a decision to remove All-weather Lifeboat (ALB) cover from New Quay, West Wales.

The Campaign Action Group which includes a number of New Quay Lifeboat crew members alongside representatives of wider maritime and community interests is an independent organisation. It will use all appropriate means in its dedicated task to reverse the RNLI decision that denies adequate All-weather Lifeboat cover to the whole 63 mile gap between the nearest ALB stations at Barmouth and Fishguard.

GATHERING EVIDENCE.                                                                                                         The campaign action group is committed to identifying and publishing irrefutable evidence to prove that the decision creates an unacceptable level of risk to the lives and wellbeing of future lifeboat crews and sea farers particularly in the sea area off New Quay and Aberaeron that will be up to 90 minutes travel time away from the nearest All-weather Lifeboat cover.

DEFINITIONS.                                                                                                                             In publishing data that compares New Quay service history with any other station in the region there is no intent to question the allocation of new lifeboats to neighbouring stations as designated by the latest RNLI five yearly coastal review.

In comparing the capabilities of the Shannon class ALB (the natural successor to New Quay’s current 23 year old Mersey class ALB) with the Atlantic 85 inshore rib, the replacement vessel the RNLI have allocated to New Quay, there is no intent to question the virtues of that vessel when deployed to the duties for which it is designed. Our contention is that this open boat is a wholly inadequate substitute for a well-equipped, enclosed, all-weather, self-righting vessel that it is intended to replace, given the distance to the nearest all-weather lifeboat.

PUBLIC SUPPORT.                                                                                                                  The campaign enjoys committed support from within its local communities from its elected representatives and leading public figures. An online and paper based petition currently stands in excess of 15,000 signatories (Oct 2017). Backing is spreading further afield. The campaign is actively engaged in broadening and deepening its support base to further demonstrate its legitimacy.

RESOURCES.                                                                                                                             The Campaign also enjoys the support of a number of professionally skilled supporters who give their services free of charge and our other costs to date have been kept low and been met by donations from lifeboat crew and campaign action group members, sponsorship by local businesses and  unsolicited donations from  individuals and groups within our  local communities. Sponsorship opportunities have begun to emerge from major national businesses and the campaign is exploring options to form a charity that could provide long term charitable legacy opportunities.

Campaign activists remain absolutely loyal to the high principles and objectives of the RNLI and exists purely to challenge this single decision.